QI’lop 2019 in South Florida

October is the season for QI’lop!
This is a holiday that is celebrated during the is 10th month of the calendar. Family and friends gather together and celebrate the might of the Empire!

Do this with your ship, other ships Invite Friends and family even neighbors to experience what it is to be Klingon or at the least eat and drink like one.
It is also a good opportunity to recruit. Invite other clubs to join in.

I decided this year to start a tradition. QI’lop. I planned it to be a pot luck everyone brought a dish or the Blood wine and Warnog. We had several authentic dishes only SoSnI’ can make. There was pipius claw salad, veqlargh toast, and I made wamwI’ tlhIq and my version of roteq’s pie.

A tradition of this holiday is whom ever brings the stuffed to’baj legs can select a non sacred item in the home . No one brought this delicacy but I made sure everyone went away with a keepsake to remember the day. Trefoil magnets and coffee cups inscribe with “I will remember this dinner forever” in tlhingan Hol with a trefoil on the opposite side.

Two KAG ships were represented: IKV Shadowbat and the IKV Invictus. A third ship will have their own QI’lop at a later date.Three members of the KLAW group were also in attendance and a couple of brave humans.
It was good Day of eating and toasting that lasted till midnight.
My hope is this will continue to be a tradition that will not only spread over the Fleet but through out KAG.
*not everyone was in the picture

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