KAG Activities 2020 with Leila McMichael

KAG Activities 2020 with Leila McMichael
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This episode of Kag Activities 2020 features Jorn and Ja’Jim’s discussion with Keela. Leila McMichael talks extensively on the activities at the upcoming DragonCon convention ( https://www.dragoncon.org/ ) as well as Traklanta ( http://www.treklanta.org/ ). If you are considering attending either one of these events but are not sure, listen to this episode and get fired up. Leila lays it all out for both events and it sounds like both will be exciting weekends. She also told about a website for anyone looking for things to do in the soutern region of the US. Take a look at the calendar of events at the Southern Fandon Resource Guide ( http://www.southernfan.com/index.htm ). Qapla’!


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