Issue #83
Summer 2012


Introducing the
Stealth Attack Squadron
(Scotland Squadron)

Squadron Commander: Battle-Lord Zen'Kura joH Karastai

I have been a Klingon Warrior since 1990 and I am the founder of the Stealth Attack Squadron and head of the House of Karastai. We are a group of Elite Klingon Warriors who are loyal to the Klingon High Council and the Empire.

Stealth Attack Squadron History:

I joined the Scottish Section of the Klingon Assault Group back in 1990. We were fine for about 2 years, but back then we had no e-mail, chat or text messages to rely on, so it was difficult to get assistance from KAG Central Command and we had to make our own decisions about how the group should proceed.

Our new leader, therefore, decided to break away from KAG and formed Klingons Unite. We worked under this name for a number of years raising many thousands of pounds for good causes. By the late 1990's our new club leader then became involved in Convention Committees, and he then had other priorities and could not devote his time to the club, so the club faltered.

As I was the most senior Klingon officer in the club, I renamed the club the Stealth Attack Squadron. We work alongside and support the USS Valiant and together we raise funds for charity by attending Gala Days or Promoting Shop / Coffee Bars etc....

We have raised well over £65,000 for worthy causes, half of which was donated to BBC's "Children in Need." We have also organised small conventions with many TV/Film Stars as guests.

Return to KAG:

I recently bought new Ridges from Admiral Qob! and during the process we got to talking about KAG. I explained my Klingon background and he suggested that we return to KAG. With Qob!'s assistance I contacted Thought Admiral Krikor epetai-jechwI' (Krikor Ajemian) and Founder of KAG & War Council Leader Thought Admiral Kris epetai-Kurkura (John Halvorson), and we were welcomed back into the fold.

Kris gave me the Title of Battle-Lord and Krikor appointed me the Commander of the Scottish Quadrant, part of the Global Fleet, under Qob!'s Command.

The Squadron:

The IKV COBRA is the flagship and is a Negh'Var Class Cruiser
Ship Commander: Captain Ki'Fon Epitai Karastai
First Officer: Commander Kallish Sutai Karastai

The IKV SKORPION is a Great Bird L42 Class ship.
Commanding Officer: Captain Kurn joH K'Mpec
1st Officer: Commander Katanna Zantai K'Mpec

The IKV DRAGON is a K22 Scout Class Bird of Prey.
Commanding Officer: Captain K'Zel Sutai Karastai
First Officer: Commander Mira Vestai Karastai

Recent Events:

Our Warriors recently travelled to Collectormania 18 in Milton Keynes (first weekend in June) and flew the KAG Banner, meeting up with Hovbe Athena Kurkura. We made her an honorary member of the Squadron.

While we were there, Michael Dorn and Suzie Plakson both accepted a position of Honorary Admiral with the Squadron and John Schuck accepted a position of Honorary Ambassador to the Squadron.

Collectormania 18 Milton Keynes


On the 23rd June our Officers traveled to Edinburgh to assist the Group USS Valkyrie with a Charity Fundraiser for an organisation called “Children 1st."  This is their annual fundraising event.

USS Valkyrie's Annual Fundraiser

The Stealth Attack Squadron is proud to be in KAG and we will Serve the Empire and the Klingon Assault Group well as only the finest and bravest warriors are skilled enough to join our quest to raise awareness of the Klingon Way of Life and Honour.

Stealth Attack Squadron Commander
Battle-Lord Zen'Kura joH Karastai.
KAG Global Fleet.

IKV Cobra, IKV Skorpion and IKV Dragon
Join us if you are strong enough.