Issue #83
Summer 2012


Robert O'Reilly and J. G. Hertzler
Made Honorary Members of KAG!

On June 30, 2012 at Bayoucon in Lake Charles, Louisiana, ROBERT O'REILLY (who played Chancellor Gowron) and J.G. HERTZLER (who played Chancellor Martok) were the first Klingon actors to be given Honorary Memberships to the Klingon Assault Group.

Twenty (20) KAG members were on hand representing five KAG vessels. The ships were the IKV BLOODSWORD with 7 members present; IKV BAYOU SERPENT with 6 members; IKV K'VETTE with 4 members;  IKV MELOTA with 2 members; and, of course, the IKV BLACK FIRE. The IKV Black Fire hosted the event with its CO present, who also arranged the ceremony.

Just as the actors took the stage for their Q&A panel, all uniformed KAG members joined them. I was lucky enough to read the speech that everyone present on Friday night had the honor of helping to write. The Chancellors were very honored by their framed Honorary KAG Memberhip certificates, and afterwards led us in song. Additional photos can be seen at the links below and video will be posted soon.

This was truly a glorious occasion!

Captain Ri'Par sutai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent CO
Cold Revenge Quad CO
Cold Terror Fleet X

Additional photos can be seen at the links below. The unedited video of the ceremony is found here: