Issue #83
Summer 2012



Classic Klingon Vests
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Classic Klingon Uniforms and Vests
Well made and Highly Detailed. Can make the ENTIRE COSTUME!
Also Movie / STNG / DS-9 KLINGON Uniforms as well....including the Boots. (But they aren't cheap).
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Qob's Kling Things
Qob's Etsy store for foreheads.

qIDar, the Costuming Goddess
When money is no object, you can't top her quality!

The DreamStitcher

A master costumer is starting to make very nice Klingon uniforms again.
This is an EMAIL address not a link.
[email protected]

Graftobian Makeup
No local makeup store? These are suppliers of quality products.

No local source for wigs? Try here!

Phantom Cat Supply Closet
Quality supplier of patches, banners, shirts, and more!

JP's Supply Hut
The very best in rank pins, belt buckles, and special order metal work.
This is an EMAIL address not a link.
[email protected]

The Mad Klingon
Ebay site for a good supplier of resin pins.

The Sawdust Smithy
Good-looking Con Safe weapons!

IKV ghatlhwij Supply Depot
Banners, props, very nice wooden weapons.

Roddenberry Shop
All kinds of Star Trek items from the son of the Great Bird of the Galaxy!

Indiscretion: Sew Wicked
Couture seamstress, but can do sci-fi/fantasy.

Hi-Impact Props and Costumes
Mostly Star Wars, some Trek.

293 N Spruce Dr
Anaheim CA 92805
Catalog -- $5
Money orders or cashier's checks only
(Tell them Kris sent you)

KAG and Klingon T-Shirts

KAG and Klingon Decals
11677 Reutzel Drive
Boise, Idaho 84709
[email protected]

Imperial Klingon Shoulder and Neck Patterns
Costume, Costume, Costume