Issue #83
Summer 2012


You Klingon Bastard! 
by Qob!
[email protected]

The Klingon Bastard Award is an informal award I give out infrequently. It is intended for the Warrior that I think best displays gall, arrogance, good humor and Klingon Superiority.

The list has included:
JaPa Trekkan / Martok
Morduk Riveek
Amar Koloth

I am happy to announce two new inductees into the Hall of Glory! They will each be awarded the tradition carafe of Bloodwine, carefully laced with Iocane poison.

Zen'Kura of House Karastai
Qaolin Kiln

Zen'Kura, head of the Stealh Attack Squadron of Scotland, is a Scot. The default setting for Scots is Bastard. Qaolin has been terrorizing Feddies, Jedi and other non-KAG Klingons for decades and deserves all the scorn, envy, abuse, and praise that the fickle middle finger of fate can give!

Qob!, the original Klingon Bastard

Heehee, I like to switch my Honor Sash to the Imperial side to throw the Feddies off!