Issue #83
Summer 2012


Classic Klingons from

Hi Keela!

Here's a FuzzyGram picture from CONQUEST---- Sunday, TOS Klingon Day.  In my quest to empty my home of stuff, I traveled halfway across the country to give A'KIKO of Seattle the Battle Trophy, and QAOLIN the Sonic Blaster.

This is also three ship leaders from KLIN-FIRE: A'KIKO of the IKV HOV LENGWI', QAOLIN of the KPV RUTLEDJ', and KRIS of the IKV DARK SUN.

I think the gritty "look" of the photo adds to the whole damned picture!


This is a picture of KEYHLER (Cammie Richardson) late of the IKV DARK SUN, and now the CO of the IKV SWIFT WIND. Yeah--that new KLIN FIRE ship!!

Keyhler made this night-time "Mara" costume for use at last year's big STAR TREK con in Las Vegas. In her camera somewhere she has pictures of some of the DARK SUN guys in our vests and worst smiles!


Below is a picture of some of the IKV NOM HEGH, the KAG ship in Fair Oaks, California. The overly happy one in the middle with the sash is my pal KORVAS!


At right is Max Cervantes, a non-KAG Klingon wearing costuming made by KHE'MAR (Shaunn Lawrence). KHE'MAR makes Classic Klingon outfits and Imperial Klingon outfits. Check out his link on the Resources Page; he's on the IKV DARK SUN.


I got a call from SICARIUS (George Richardson), CO of the IKV KARNAGE, that three of the crew had dressed up in TOS gear for a local Phoenix convention, and wowed the crowd. The theory that TOS Sundays for KAG get attention was proved when Sicarius told me, "You're right. It works!"

Congratulations are in order for these Klingons-- PLUS they offer a costuming tip: their buckles? The six disks were made by using "googly eyes" as you'd find in a craft store, then gluing them to the buckle and painting them. Sicarius told me the buckles would make a little noise when they'd walk, which I think is pretty damned cool.

Glorious!! Well done, KARNAGE!!


From left to right (disguised as Klingons) are Romulans RH'VAUREK tai tr'Mhiessan and AELAIDOANN Ir-Korthre tai t'Mhiessan. Far right is SICARIUS, CO of the IKV KARNAGE.