Mindscanner Issue #82
Spring 2012

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Quark's Qantina Invasion!

On 03/10/11 Lt. Emira and myself departed by shuttle for the short trip to Quark's Qantina for what turned out to be one of the most unique and fun experiences a Klingon warrior could hope for. Quark's Barb is also our newest shipmate, having recently joined KAG. Qapla'!

Every room of the house was turned into a scene resembling Quark's from Deep Space Nine.

There was a room with a Dabo Table, a very futuristic dining room with foods from all over the galaxy, and a bar that rivaled any I have ever seen. Our bartender was a Catian/Borg.

Quark's Barb really knows how to make a Warrior feel welcome. There was even a special Klingon Dining room that was climate controlled and had weapons of all sorts lining the walls.

Many of our brother and sister in ridges from other Klingon groups were there as well.

Many new friends were made.
We fielded a number of questions about KAG and Klingon costuming and fandom in general; we may even have some new recruits!

After much fun, drinking and song, we departed by shuttle around midnight.

I highly recommend Quark's Qantina  to any visiting Klingon warriors in the Midwest.

It is an annual event you don't want to miss!!!


XO IKV Emperor's Hand

Intercepted Starfleet Transmission Regarding "An Evening of Intergalactic Proportions":
Dear Barb,

My wife, Vicki Strzembosz (Starfleet medical officer) and I (Jayne from Firefly) would like to thank you and your husband for hosting such a fun evening. We had great fun. I spent 45 minutes sitting in the Klingon galley amazingly content. I sat there with an appropriate beverage and listened to several Klingons debating the relative quality and manufacturing of their disruptors, coupled with all the artifacts adorning the room and the correct lighting it was truly a memorable experience. It is obvious how much effort and time you spend putting this together and I just wanted to thank you.

George Leser
Editor's note:
For more of Marok's holo-images, see Marc Malnekoff's Facebook page.
For QuarksBarb's images, go to the following link: http://www.quarksbarb.com/quarks/2012qantina.html