Mindscanner Issue #80
Summer 2011

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KAG Marines

Greetings Marines,

QortoqThe Marines old site is back up and running and going through some revamping http://www.kagmarines.org.   There are several changes to be put into place, these changes are for the benefit of communications and putting some fire back into our Marine endeavors. Marine Field Marshalls, quadrant Fencers, and Marine Ship Captains contact me at [email protected] for your own @kagmarines.org email address.
There will be a forum put into place for all Marine Personnel that forum will be open to whatever we need to discuss or want to discuss.
A searchable data base for ease of finding Marine personnel in given areas across the globe.
And other ideas that you as Marines come up with will be looked at for feasibility of adding to the site.

Now, as Marines, let's set our sights back on our old ideals, revitalize Marines in KAG, and start leading the way as we once did, through action and deed.

Qor'toq zantai-DevnoH
Marine Commandant KAG