Mindscanner Issue #80
Summer 2011

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IKV Restless Star

Majjas Since the IKV Restless Star was activated in the Dark Star Quandrant at Trek Trax Altalnta by Gortok back in February, we have been very active. In March we where at Charlotte Comic Con.  On April 9th we did a fundraiser for our local Hospice raising almost $75.  On April 30th and May 7th we hosted Klingons Against Hunger Food drive raising a total of 385 pounds of food. Also we helped raise another $105 for Hospice on May 14th at the Hickory Comic Con and on May 21st we did a recruiting drive and made an appearance at Fanaticon 2 in Asheville, NC, where over 5000 people showed up. Most of these events were done with the support of the IKV Raging Wolf. To answer the question what makes us great is the fact that my ship is willing to work with and share the glory with others while making a difference in the community.

Lt. K'Trok tai-Majjas  (Troy McAdams)
IKV Restless Star
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