Mindscanner Issue #78
Summer 2010

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From Cold Terror Fleet

Qob!It's fun 'til someone loses an eye, and then it's Hilarious!

Something I read years ago from BJ Trimble, the fan that saved Star Trek the first time, talked about the life span of clubs, she said that basically you have a average of 5 years. My experience, and seeing other clubs say that is probably a good estimate, the club will usually die or turn over it's leadership about every five years. I also got an IM last week from a fellow in an area I thought was pretty active, complaining that the area was dead. This led me to do some thinking.

The reason that clubs die and that the previously active area is dying is that the people who start clubs have very strong egos, and very strong egos have a hard time letting go, and involving others. But, I don't want to tread too heavily into a territory here now that we have someone to talk about it.

It is my happy job to announce that we are filling a position of need in the fleet: Fleet Tactical Officer! This is a position that has not existed before, but as I see a lot of folks either stalled, or not knowing what to do, I realized we need someone who has been there, done that to help folks go there and do that! So it was my pleasure and honor to announce Commander Qe'pa sutai-qul (Laura Thurston, Captain of the IKV RakeHell) as our first FTO! Look for her thoughts elsewhere in the Mindscanner.

Fleet News! Well we will have a new activity this summer, a campout in the upper Midwest, at beautiful Myre Big Island State Park in Albert Lea Minnesota the weekend of July 30 - Aug 1st. We will be stealing...err... borrowing heavily from other fun Klingon campouts! If you want to go, let us know, the fees are pretty reasonable, basically campsite permits and buying local firewood. The name of the event is Klingon Rendezvous Adventure Park! or KRAP for short. Expect the fun and silliness that Cold Death Quad Klingons are famous for! Send me an email if you are planning to come. <[email protected]>

Also we haz news in Chicago and Missouri!

In Chicago at Duckon, there will be a major unveiling! I am not going to say much, but KAG is back in Chicago!
In Kansas City Klingons in the Mist (KitM) is coming back! This event is for all Klingons that like to tent camp.
We are looking at September 24th -26th 2010 location will be in the Kansas City Area. More to comeā€¦
In St. Louis We will work toward bringing the Klingons to Archon and one day make it a convention stop for all of the Empire. It is usually held the first week of October and its home is the Metro Saint Louis area. We will have plenty of docking spaces and rooms and hotel and areas to honor the Empire, with drink and singing. To get more details go to www.archonstl.org <http://www.archonstl.org>.
In Minneapolis CONvergence, "Bring on the Bad Guys" is bringing in Klingons from far and wide, July 1- 4 we will terrorize and impress the local fan community. www.convergence-con.org

Well, as Mark Twain once said, sorry for the length of my article, I didn't have time to write a short one!

Qapla' balth je'

Admiral Qob! zantai-Hurric
<[email protected]>