Mindscanner Issue #78
Summer 2010



Time to play...CONJECTURE!!!

 Let’s say you’re a STAR TREK fan, have always liked the Klingons, are thinking about joining the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP.......BUT..... (1) you don’t have a costume, (2) you don’t have the rubber head-thingie, (3) you don’t sew, and...and... and...and...and...
and if you keep going that route, you’ll NEVER unleash yourself so you can dress up and PLAY.

SacramentoOkay, you don’t sew.  Neither do I.  My first Klingon uniform consisted of black pants, black riding boots, a black turtleneck sweater, and a shiny silver vest that I assembled using a product I think was called “Stitchery Witch”.   It all worked, because I WOULD NOT TALK MYSELF OUT OF PLAYING at LosCon in Los Angeles in the early 80s.  This was before I had a sonic disruptor pistol from Marco Enterprises, so I carried a Sonic Blaster Zero.

That’s a hand cannon/bazooka that Mattel sold circa 1964.

I also carried KLINGON ATTITUDE.

Nobody hassled me about the TOS Klingon “look”; nobody critiqued my workmanship; nobody dared.

That’s one of the cool things about KAG:  for the most part, we’ve all started out a bit wobbly in the uniform department, but as we continue to grow and play, we keep enhancing our “look”.  We know it’s rough getting started, which is why we don’t make fun of beginners and the effort it takes to Dress Up and PLAY.

That new Klingon uniform you’ve been tinkering with has separated you from the wannabe’s.  And by making that Klingon uniform, you’re a Klingon officer.  A Lieutenant. Imagine that!!

Small point here, but wrap your head around this: A costume is usually a novelty, something worn once, maybe a couple times, unless you’re a competitor in a convention’s Masquerade/costume contest.   If you wear the armor of a Klingon, it is a UNIFORM.

You need help, ask.  I think I can speak for every KAG officer over the rank of Lieutenant when I say this:

If we don’t have the answers you’re after, we’ll point you towards somebody who does.

It’s said “Knowledge is Power”.  We want all of our members to be all-knowledgable, and All-Powerful.  We also want you dressed to kill, Klingon-wise.

New to KAG?  Excellent!!  Been around for a while?  Cool!! Let’s PLAY!!!


John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave 111
North Hollywood CA 91601
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