Mindscanner Issue #78
Summer 2010

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Force Recon

KoronGreetings Fellow Warriors,

From what I understand, this issue of the Mindscanner is dedicated to Costuming and it’s associated topics. I for one have a little knowledge about this subject as I have done extensive research into the matter and have accumulated a rather large book on the subject. As the Force Recon Commander, I have been able to help some of the new members in selecting what kind of uniform they want to wear and give them information on how to go about making it. In the months preceding our anniversary in Ohio last year, I went about constructing a new set of armor myself. I was able to use that research to accomplish that task. Frankly it is still a work in progress, but most of us are never completely satisfied. I still have a few things that I need to finish, and I have the information I need to do them. It is only a matter of time and money.

With all things, money is always an issue. A uniform can be as expensive or inexpensive as one can afford. There are a lot of things that can be done to keep those cost down to a minimum. A simple ST Original Series(STOS) uniform is the least expensive and can still look good. My STOS uniform cost me for a couple yards of material, a black long sleeved mock turtleneck t-shirt, and a black pair of slacks or jeans. I use regular shoes though the original Klingons wore boots. A simple belt with a buckle can work and if you want to accessorize it, an OS buckle can be made or purchased for a few dollars. I also have a Playmates small disrupter, though one of the appropriate size is a little more expensive. If it passes inspection by your commander, you have a usable uniform.

If you want to go the full Imperial uniform, the cost can be a lot more. For example. Mine was around $150.00 just for the outside vest and collar, and that was simply because I used real leather to construct it. You can get around that with using vinyl or a lighter fabric that looks as good, and can be a lot cooler or warmer depending on what you use. My first Imperial armor was made of vinyl and was very hot. My leather armor is a lot cooler because the leather breaths, but it also can be hot. Some members use a light weight medium gray fabric on their uniform, and it looks appropriate. Of course it is also a lot cooler too. Below are pictured my three uniforms. The first is my new Imperial armor. As you can see there is a lot of work done to make it look appropriate. The second is my STOS uniform, and finally is my first Imperial armor. It was a costume that another person made for themselves, and sold to me cheap. It was modified to fit and for looks. The person that sold me the uniform, made a replacement uniform for himself that looked like the uniforms worn in the Undiscovered Country movie.

I am making the information I used available to any who wants it. Be aware that I have accumulated over 17 megabites of information and isn’t easily e-mailed, but I have ways of getting it to you. I can send it over Yahoo messenger relatively easily. Just let me know.

Qapla’ balth je’
Capt. K’oron sutai-Trekkan
Klingon Assault Group Force Recon Commander
[email protected]