Mindscanner Issue #74
Summer 2008


KriSKerla asked if I could write a KAG History page, and a “What Would You Like To See At Marcon” page.

History?  Yeah, I could write one, but it’d get so long that even I’D fall asleep reading it.  Or writing it.

SO, what would I like to see?

BEFORE.   For the rest of 2008, I’d like to see the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP recruit.  JUST BRING IN ONE.  Be a mentor.  Help that new recruit with costuming, makeup, props.   Maybe somebody did that once for YOU; now it’s time for history to repeat itself.  And if by chance nobody helped you, and you've done the costuming by yourself...help that new recruit with as many shortcuts as you can.

BEFORE.  I’d like to see KAG’s current members seek out and find as many of the “old-timers” as possible, and (1) see about getting them involved in KAG again, and (2) telling these senior Klingons about MARCON, and our 20TH ANNIVERSARY.

DURING.  Friday.  Those that can make it in earlier than Friday, swell--I’ll see you then.  Friday I’m putting on the uniform, and I hope you will too.  Usually, we save the dressing-up for Saturday, and that’s it.  If we plan on gearing up for two days, we’ll look that much more impressive.

DURING.  There are, I’m sure, various contests and the Masquerade put on by the convention.  That’s great.  Frankly, let the kids and the rest enjoy ‘em.  If you want to get involved in the masquerade, that’s great too.  Really. I want a few contests of our own:

A KAG RAFFLE.  Money going to charity.  I’m offering up a prize on this one:  from STAR TREK SIX, a prop dilithium mining blaster, as used on the prison asteroid Rura Penthe.

KAG/BEST HALL COSTUME.  Or uniform, if you prefer.  I’ll judge that, along with a couple of other KAG admirals.  If Kragtowl’s coming, he’d be a fine judge, as his costuming skills--and WINS-- over the years are well-known.


It’s an actual “micro-organism prop from STAR TREK 3: CERTS FOR SPOCK.  It needs a name, other than “The Bug”.

BugDURING.  I’d like to see ship banners, fleet banners, all colors, all sizes.  I’d like to take OUR part of the convention outside, and have some batleth demos, maybe a ritual or two, and some Klingon “fun and games.”

Panels?  Filking?  Absolutely!  We’re arranging with the con committee to have the rooms for the former; For filking?  Just need a place to play and perform, right?

DURING.  Chocolate.  There’d better be a KAG party room or three. I’m bringing along 30 pounds of the dark stuff.  Ten pounds of milk chocolate, and twenty of the dark semi-sweet.  How it gets used will be up to those putting on the room.

Oh, and I'd like a plate of BATTLE NACHOS too.

DURING.  A KAG Table.  This will be the place where KAG “checks in”.  We’d like to know who’s there, AND we’d like to take your picture.  In uniform.

I’m sure there are another fifty things I’d like to see happen at MARCON; they’ll no doubt come to mind after this gets published.

AFTER.  Well, that’ll be up to YOU.  Myself, I plan on taking what I’ve seen and learned while there, and applying some of that new knowledge to my ship, the IKV DARK SUN.
OH---one more “DURING”!  I’d like to visit with as many of YOU as I possibly can.  It’s YOU that will recruit, build up, and propel the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP into its NEXT TWENTY YEARS!


KAG Founder

John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave  116
North Hollywood CA 91601

[email protected]