Mindscanner Issue #74
Summer 2008

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Thought Admiral
Thought Admiral Kerla
Greetings, Warriors! Let's get to it.

Appointed Deputy Commander of KAG:  Admiral Krikor zantai-jechwI' (Krikor Ajemian)
<[email protected]>

Promoted to Admiral zantai: Kolex of House QIHqem (Darren Carter)
<[email protected]>

Both are exceptional Klingon officers; both are worthy of your congratulations.

Next year, the Klingon Assault Group, once a small but vocal group that went onstage at a little midwest con called Starbase Indy, will have been around for twenty years.  No dues, few rules, and we're still strong and growing!

The biggest and best of all Klingon fan clubs will be celebrating the glorious occasion of our 20th Anniversary at Marcon 44 in Columbus, Ohio, May 22-24, 2009.  Time to celebrate as only Klingon warriors can!

Whether you were around for KAG's beginnings, or have just joined us, we're glad you're here!  YOU....all of you...are the most important part of KAG.  Being Klingon is a lot more fun when you look the part. So bring your best armor and your best chocolate!   Get dressed up in Klingon garb, and come out and play. Let the bloodwine flow, tell the tales of your exploits, and let's gear up for another twenty years!

KAG Standard-Kerla
for KAG

Thought Admiral Kerla epetai-MaHcha'
[email protected]

Carol Nye
628 Buckeye St.
Hamilton, OH 45011