Mindscanner Issue #74
Summer 2008

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KAG Quartermaster Corps
Looking Good
by garaghQ sutai-HurrIc Qulekgh
KAG Quartermaster

garaghQKAG’s Anniversary is coming up fast, and what a glorious 20 years it has been. If you plan on attending the celebration at Marcon next year, I know you are going to want to look your best.

“But I don’t have a lot of money to put together a uniform, or afford the makeup and other items.”

Well you have quite a few options to chose from in the area of Klingon uniforming. From the original series to the last run episodes of Enterprise. Even with the lowest of budgets you can put together something, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Klingon military uniform. Have you thought of Klingon civilian clothing? NO? Well start thinking about it! Look on the KAG Quartermaster page <qm.kag.org> for information to help you out in that area.

For those of you who will be wearing a Klingon military uniform, there are some small touches that you could add to make your uniform snap. Consider bright shiny new rank pins. And for just a few bucks how about getting a gold leaf kit (hobby store...about $15) and gold leaf your rank pins? Follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. You will have some sharp looking rank pins when you're done.

What other items could you add? There is the home world pin that you could add to your sleeve. Or a communicator badge, house pin or patch. Or on the tunic, the three grenade pins that are worn on the right side. Or a weapons lanyard with a bright shiny new chain. And on the honor sash a couple awards and an honor symbol and tool can make a great addition to all your uniform accessories. We will be representing KAG. A little pride can start an epidemic!

When you look at a military soldier's uniform, notice that great care is taken in the placement of the pins and awards displayed on that uniform. They are centered, aligned and straight with great care taken into consideration of their placement. They are not placed on haphazardly. Ensuring that every thing is placed equal distances, centered, aligned and straight will help to make yourself stand out and look sharp.

Come to the KAG Quartermaster Forum http://qm.kag.org/forum/index.php , sign up and join us there. Talk with other members about your uniforming efforts. Start a uniform building diary. Show off your new threads, and share ideas to improve them. Tell us about some new resource or vendor you found. Inform others of costumers that would be willing to assist in making uniforms. We have most of a year to get ready. Lets communicate to help each other out, and ensure we all look our best for KAG's glorious 20th!

These are a few of my favorite resources that I consider to be the best:
Theatrical makeup supplies:
Theatrical makeup, Santa boots (can be made into Klingon boots, see KAG QM page - Klingon boots):

Theatrical makeup, latex, spirit gum, Santa boots :
Good quality costuming items, custom creations:
http://www.qidar.com/ Melota

A good site for serious do-it-yourselfers:
Accessories, pins, props, etc: 
Batleths, medals, belt buckles, boots, rank pins:
 KAG patches, bracers, mugs:
Brass and aluminum rank pins, belts, Klingon belt buckles:
[email protected]
Batleths, mekleths, swords, knives:
Just search 'Klingon':