Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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Wild Frontier Quadrant

Qat'IyTwo ships of the Wild Frontier Quadrant arrived in battle for several conventions in the past year. The most heavily attended convention was the United Fan Con, in Springfield Massachusetts. We had the one and only William Shatner as a guest! Five of the IKV Astris crew attended, along with eight crew from the IKV Shadow’s Edge. Several warriors represented the Wild Frontier Quadrant at other conventions, including Shore Leave, Farpoint, Balticon, Toronto con and Arisia.

Blood was spilled in the Wild Frontier Quadrant! A special commendation was issued to the crew of the IKV Peerless for hosting a blood drive in which 68 pints were spilled out of 88 humans! The IKV Astris’ crew also donated blood. Doqloch donated six pints while I donated one. Due to battle injuries, I was unable to donate for a period of time.

I also take pride in the IKV Astris’ continued efforts to donate magazines and books for American warriors at the Veterans’ Hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts.

A joint mission to play miniature golf with STARFLEET members is planned.

Lt. Cmdr. Qat’Iy vestai-K’olSoh’hn
Cmdr, Wild Frontier Quadrant
[email protected]