Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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Thought Admiral
Frigidaire KerlaHere's to the all the new ship launches! This is the stuff of KAG's future GLORY. 

And here's to the KAG ships and members who have been busy producing events for others to enjoy, and getting their bumpy mugs on screen and into the newspapers... members of the Melota, Bayou Serpent, the  T'Mar, the KAG ships of Atlanta, the Raging Wolf, Black Thunder, Crimson Talon......I could go on but then this would start looking like a ship listing.  This is the stuff that glory is made of.

Are YOU ready for battle?  Conflict, mayhem and conquest. WAR.   I'm ready for KAG to put the "Assault" back into the name. Aren't YOU?

SO...before we can really tear into our Feddie foes, we need to focus on ourselves.


Over the next three months, KAG ships will recruit.  Get more members. Besides, isn't the best War Game one that increases our troop numbers at the same time?

Three months.  The ship that recruits the most new members into KAG (no pets!) wins a fabulous as-yet-to-be-determind prize from Admiral Kris' massive hoard of stuff.

The WarGame starts NOW.

Strength and Honor,
for KAG

Thought Admiral Kerla epetai-MaHcha'
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