Mindscanner Issue #70
Autumn 2005

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How to Command, or "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

So High Command has finally recognized what you always knew: that you are a nifty, smart, cool person. Boy, that feels good doesn't it? Actually if you would ask them, they had specific reasons for asking you to become Quadrant Commander, Marine Fencer, or whatever. Hopefully, it wasn't because there weren't enough warm bodies that weren't newbies. Most likely it boils down to a few reasons.

1) You are a relatively sane person.

Now not to cast aspersions, but there are a lot of people in Fandom in general who lack social skills and have an unrealistic opinion of themselves. Well, we all have an unrealistic opinion of ourselves, so it's really a matter of degree. Command looks for people who can deal with others from a logical perspective. Lord K'rap may cut a dashing figure and be charismatic, but if he is an egomaniac who finds slights because people don't always look to him, he's not a good candidate for a higher command.

2) You're outgoing.

It really doesn't matter how cool you are, or how smart, or even how mature you are, if you aren't a people person, no one will know. Also KAG needs people that can represent us to the world. A commander must be able to walk into a room and get to know people. S/He should enjoy learning about others and telling the good story of klindom to people that don't know it.

3) While a proud warrior, you are a team player.

"Swaggering, tinplated dictator with delusions of godhood" may look good on a name tag, as in "Hello, my name is: Swaggering, tinplated dictator with delusions of godhood," it doesn't work when you have to lead people. All people feel motivated when they perceive that their Quad CO, Fencer, etc., wants them to succeed. A good commander will always give others the credit for what they do, and often for what s/he does.

Something that doesn't fit in these points, but needs as much consideration, is when you take a job you should start looking for / grooming your successor. Eventually you will get promoted, decide to step down, or get kicked out. You won't live forever at any rate, so you should have someone in mind to recommend for your job when you're done.

Qob . . . who has too much to do and not enough hands.