Mindscanner Issue #70
Autumn 2005

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Or How I Quit Freezing and Learned To Love The Con

Well this time last year we had a roster that included four ships:
And it has been that way (more or less) for a few years.

We have had an explosion! We've added 3 ships:
The first two mentioned are ships started from scratch. Not spin offs or disgruntled splinters, but ships started by warriors with initiative and drive. Lt GarahQ vestai Hurric captains the Ice Dagger; Lord Kheyl and Lady Khidri tai Hurric are the Phantom Cat. They made a fabulous showing at the Maquis Gras, debutting their new uniforms that are quite good. In fact Khidri won the costume contest!

The Devastator, captained by Cpt Korestai sutai Ru'chak is a ship that was drydocked in California a few years ago and is coming back online. He is a master level costumer and does fabulous work!

I think this next year is going to be a banner year for our quadrant and as good as it looks now, it will get better and better!


Admiral Qob zantai-Hurric
Cold Death Quadrant CO

[email protected]