Mindscanner Issue #70
Autumn 2005



Klingon food . . . makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Yet, there are still questions about Imperial cuisine that need answers.


And, the Klingon fascination with chocolate? Parties with chocolates, all shapes and sizes. Klingon applying the sweet gooey stuff to their bodies . . . also all shapes and sizes.

So let's talk size of the chocolate. Let's talk big. Real big. No. Bigger than  that.

Ten pounds. I suggest to you this . . .  www.heavychocolate.com/

Four types. A milk chocolate, a French Vanilla, a bittersweet chocolate, and "High Sierra White." I haven't had that last one . . . I prefer my cocoa poisons on the dark side.

There are other ten pound bars of chocolate "out there" for sale -- the Ghirardelli folks make an excellent one. But the HEAVY CHOCOLATE folks charge about half as much. $39.95 . . . and that INCLUDES the shipping and handling.

What I'D like to see would be a Klingon trying to break a ten pound bar of chocolate with his -- or her -- head. Holding it in both hands and lowering it quickly onto the top of the noggin. There are other things I'd like to see too, but space and decorum have me in a bind.

www.heavychocolate.com/ Do mention you're a Klingon -- it can't hurt.


Get KAG into a mag.

Is there some local or regional publication that you think could use us, as we use them? Most magazines (good ones) have a four-to-six month lead-time, so if you want to make a Christmas issue, then June/July is your time. Write to the editor, write to a reporter that you think would give you a good write-up. What's your "angle?" Why should they give valuable space to you? Figure that out, then proceed.

Oh, and if they DON'T do a story on you and your ship, tell 'em you'll break a ten pound bar of chocolate over their heads.

Just kidding. Possibly.

KAG founder
Chocolate lover (especially the bittersweet kind.)

[email protected]

And for chocolate donations:

John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave, 116
North Hollywood CA 91601