Issue #67
Spring 2004


Hell Comes to Frogtown

As you may know, I like to push buttons that are labelled: DO NOT PUSH AGAIN.  Well in preparation for CONvergence  I am always trying to get more people, especially Klingons to come to this growing exciting Convention and I turned over an interesting rock this spring. To my surprise and horror an unspeakable horror was under the latest rock I overturned. Obscene tentacles grasped at the air about me and I saw a pyramid with impossible geometry, heard the hooves of many goats and the form of an Elder god appeared before me. "For what reason do you call me forth! Speak wisely or prepare to submit to the torture of shuggoth!"

"Lord!" I cried, prostrating myself before him, "Come to CONvergence!"

"Why should I do this rather than flay your soul right now?"

"Most feared one! It's a fabulous con with almost 2000 rabid fans! We have Larry Niven and David Gerrold coming! we have Klingons, stormtroopers and TINY TIM [a reasonable similacrum ed]

In the moments before I lost consciousness he said, "Yes I will come!"

So kids and kiddettes, be it known that the original  Big Boy, Thought  Admiral Kris, John Halvorson is coming back to the Midwest on the July 4th weekend! CONvergence will welcome the original Klingon Khaos Wizard to the jungle!

Admiral Qob zantai-Hurric
KAG Contacts Officer
CTF CO (ret)
Adventurer of the Millennium
Mindscanner Fan Fiction Editor
Baron Wasteland
Darth G'fahr
Lord Protector of Montana
Sex Ghod of Altair IV
Dark Lord of the Stiff