Issue #66
Autumn 2003

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It's been a long and eventful summer. So much to do--and never enough time to do it all. This is a strength of KAG.

There's always something up, some event, some challenge. something around every corner. KAG shines when creating ways for it's members--and anyone else who wants to join in--to have fun.

When people hit the nightlife at a con where do they go?

They follow the Klingons.

When you're walking the halls, bimbling and shmoozing and you hear loud laughter coming from a panel, what is it?

Some intrepid son of Qo'noS demostrating human-safe mating rituals.

It's entertainment, it's showmanship, it's lunacy. And it's what's made KAG great.

Every person who cadges together a party, who gets a parade organised, who throws an event or a con--even those who simply make sure that ship's meetings are lively, each of these people make KAG fun. They make KAG grow. They give us something to sit down to, or to applaud for or to get out on the dance floor and try to become a one-Klingon mosh pit.

But the best thing about them is that they are most of us.

Nearly every member of KAG takes up this great task at one time or another. We all give it a go.

So the next time you're at a party, or a con or an event, raise a glass to the bartender or give the organizers a hand, for their work, for the fun you're having, and bercause, chances are, they were tasting you not too long ago.

In Service to KAG .

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