Issue #65
Summer 2003



The shirkers and fly-by-nighters have long gone. Those that were completely driven by politics and stepping on people have split.

What's left? Those that truly want to be here.

This is KAG. THIS is our hobby. OUR hobby.

We've seen personality "cults" here, where the club's come close to tearing itself up because of ego. We've seen quite a lot-- a lot more than some could stomach. A lot of good people got disgusted, and left.

So, we who remain will hopefully have learned some valuable lessons:

(1) We're here in KAG to dress up and play Klingon. We're
here to enjoy ourselves.

KAG's First Rule: have fun. If there's negative chatter happening, overt politics getting in the way of a good time, question the person AND their motives.

(2) On one of our earliest KAG membership forms I wrote "Our growth is based on cooperation and communication." If there is no growth, then there is stagnation. If there is stagnation, then death-- of a ship, of a fleet, OF A CLUB-- will set in.

Cooperation and communication-- in our early days (BEFORE email!) ships wrote each other. They met up at cons. Swapped "how-tos" and recruiting tips.

We have learned from recent events that isolationism within the Klingon Assault Group DOES NOT WORK, DOES NOT PROMOTE GROWTH, and ultimately IS NOT VERY ENJOYABLE.

Nobody is going to "order" your ship to contact some KAG vessel in another part of your fleet... or the country... or some other part of the world.

But I challenge you to try: Email makes such outreach inexpensive. Think I should have said "free?" It isn't-- it'll cost you some time. But it's worth it. The friend you may make on the receiving end is a wonderful payoff.

(3) We all do this on our own time, and at our own expense. We have chosen to band together and make this club work. Let no one person, or persons, dare to segregate us, or denigrate us again.

KAG Founder
John Halvorson
North Hollywood CA

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