Mindscanner #62

Gateway Squadron announces the passage of one of our most honored warriors. James 'Dragon' Harrington passed away Friday July 6th. Dragon has been a member of our squadron from its very beginning some 7 years ago and has been a fixture in our fan community for as long as anyone can remember. During his life with us he was perhaps best known for his 'Venom' a lovely red liquid mixture frequently used to test the strength of new or unsuspecting Klingons. We always warned them, they never listened. Dragon and I shared the responsibility for most of the party casualties at any convention we attended. He once shared with me his recipe for Venom, we may try to copy it in his honor sometime soon.

Dragon has spent virtually every event as security, his cane was widely recognized and avoided. His great bellow was heard across many a hotel over the years and I'm sure somewhere there is a maid or concierge still having nightmares and shivering in their sleep. Dragon's voice and visage will echo through our dreams and spur us forward to greater things for the rest of our lives as we strive to make ourselves worthy of his greeting at the gates when we join the Black Fleet.

Commander Najchom sutai Tadtaj // Stacie Cupples
Gateway Squadron