Mindscanner #62
by Khatal < [email protected] >

Attention all Hands!

Time is running short on the Blood Drive challenge! As my friend Admiral KwISt (Twisty) would say, "How goes the war?" Well, how goes it?

The 501st Imperial Stormtroopers "Vader's Fist" meant business when they challenged the Klingon Empire! Are we going to lay down and let them win this for their Emperor? HELL NO! Let it be proclaimed throughout the galaxy that Emperor Kahless is the one and only true Emperor!!!

If you have already collected donation sheets, be sure to submit them as SOON as possible to:

Bill Ramsey (General Qor'toq zantai-DevnoH, KAG Marine Commandant)
6215 Sunnyside Dr.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
< [email protected] >

Remember that ALL of Klindom has been challenged! For the honor of our clubs and our Emperor, go out there and FIGHT! WE ARE KLINGONS! 'Nuff Said!

May Honor and Glory always walk with Us!

Captain Khatal sutai-H'aaWK
Commander, Cold Terror Fleet
Klingon Assault Group