by Sam Dix <[email protected]>

   Greetings, to all Klingons, and in particular those of the Kristak Quadrant!  I'm not much of a talker, so I'll try to keep this short.  I'm announcing my acceptance of one of the Executive Officer positions of the Kristak Quadrant, in what I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) to be the
unprecedented and innovative idea of posting two XO's to manage a single quadrant, under the honorable Kanuchi (was that a run-on sentence or what?).
   In support of Kanuchi's goal of fostering and enhancing quadrant communications, I'm sending out a call to all CO's and XO's of the Kristak, as well as any of you others in the Kristak or otherwise that would like to speak to me, to forward to me your e-mail addresses!  I'd love to hear from you.and my address is [email protected].  Do you ICQ?  You can find me at 1133512.  AOL Instant Messenger?  TunaBomber is my screen name.
   What?!  You don't have net access?!  That's ok, I actually own a telephone too, and that's (760) 439-5698...don't worry, it won't be tied up with my Internet addiction!  And for all of you snail-mailers out there, my address is:

Sam Dix
2028 Via Esmarca #4
Oceanside, CA 92054

I'll answer each and every message you send, by whatever means you want me to answer it, except for smoke-signals, as open fires do nothing good for my living room.
   Now, as to my plans, I'd like to offer a quadrant-wide listserv for the discussion of quadrant issues, announcements, brags, dares, reports and whatever!
   Also, as a Marine, and possibly the ranking one in this quadrant (I desparately need crew rosters so I can tell if I know what I'm talking about), I'd like to make the call for a Marine recruitment drive!  The Marines can be your ships movers and shakers, your frontline forces, and a great first impression for all those with whom you work.  This is in
development, and more will be coming out about this, but I'd like to hear about this from you, the troops of the Kristak, so any ideas, recommendations, death threats, letterbombs, etc....send 'em to me!
   And finally, I'd like to pay a visit to all of the ships on the California side of the Kristak!  Wanna see me (it's not a pretty picture...)?  Talk to me, and we'll arrange it!  I plan to do one per month, and weekends work best for me.  And for those in Nevada and Arizona, I may endeavor to
see you too, but that will require some planning.   I'll see some of you guys soon!

That's all I have, so talk to you all soon!

Major K'Len vestai-Lasshar
XO (1 of 2) Kristak Quadrant, ROFF
Force Leader, IKV Stranglehold