by Paul Fest <[email protected]>

Greetings Warriors of KAG!  The Wild Frontier has survived Y2K, and the winter and we're ready to attack the spring and summer.  We're continuing work on several Quadrant projects.  We've restarted working on a Quadrant handbook after having to shelve it for a while due to real life issues.  We're also working on a new website for the Quadrant, as well as some promotional items for our groups (magnets, bookmarks, Tshirts, etc)  We had a Quadrant meeting in November at United Fan Con, and we'll be having another one in June At the home of IKV Granite Dagger CO LtCmdr Kordon

Cmdr. K'Tyr sutai-DraK'N
CO, IKV Shadow's Edge
QC, Wild Frontier Quadrant  KAG