MindScanner #56
Thank You KAG
by Scott Driscoll <[email protected]>

To all those people in KAG and especially those in the Sundragon Fleet I would like to say thank you for allowing me to swell your ranks. I joined about two and a half years ago, after actually joining 12 months before that, and not being notified because of the slackness of the previous leadership in Australia. I was accepted with open arms by the current "regime", with them going so far as to organize a welcome to the club dinner. I didn't know what I was getting myself in for.

I made my Uniform and made suggestions, I made my other friends join and they loved it. I went to camps and events, and I progressed up the ranks but most of all I met my soul mate, Amy if you are reading this "jI'Bang'Sa" (I love you) without KAG I would probably be still single and depressed. On Saturday night the 28th of august I asked Amy to marry me, and she said "YES" this was the happiest day of my life, this is what KAG is about in my mind, People getting together having fun, falling in love, having food fights, dancing, singing, drinking, and laughing.

All of this went on, on Saturday night and I was delirious, most people I know have heard my exclamation at one time or another, "I LOVE KAG!!!!" and it stands true to this day. So all of you out there that are scrabbling for political power, please try and remember what you joined KAG for "FUN FUN FUN" leave the squabbles with the real politicians, and go out with your shipmates, play Frisbee, go swimming, scare some feddies. Whatever makes you laugh do it and remember what it was like to be Klingon. Below you will find some photo's of me proposing and the immediate reaction following, and for your own information I am dressed as Father Cornelius from The Fifth Element and Amy is dressed as Princess Aura from Flash Gordon.


Commander Kr`gahN Sutai-maw'checH Chan
Sundragon Fleet Adjutant. (Operations)