Mindscanner Submissions

The MindScanner is the mouthpiece of the Klingon Assault Group and is an open platform for all members to publish articles, artwork or news about anything club, Klingon or Star Trek related.

To submit your article, fill out the form below. If the form is not visible, or you are unable to add pictures, please complete the Logistical Training form to instantly unlock the ability.

While submissions using the above form are the preferred method of receiving submissions, as you can control how it will look on the page, if you would prefer to submit your article via email, please send a plain text (.txt) or a HTML (.html) version of the article, along with any accompanying pictures as attachments, to Please include the text of your article in the body of the email you send, do not attach it as a separate file.

Do NOT send Word documents (.doc, .docx), Rich Text Files (RTF), PDF, Open Document (.odt), or other word processor generated formats. These formats cannot be used without lengthy conversion. The conversion process can often lead to loss of formatting, pictures and sometimes the entire text. If you wish to include special formatting in your article, use a HTML compatible email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or GMail to compose your article.

The editors of the MindScanner reserve the right to correct spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and to reformat the text of the article as needed to fit the layout. All submissions become the property of the MindScanner and KAG, although we will not restrict their use elsewhere.