Klingon Feast 2017

Boarding my personal shuttle craft on 09.29.2017, I took off for some much needed R&R to Daytona Beach location on Earth, United States, Florida.  That evening I arrived at the pleasure palace of the IVV Widowmaker, an independent Klingon vessel, and assumed my quarters.  There I prepared for the evenings activities.

As is apparently their custom, I donned an appropriately gaudy Island shirt and meet fellow Klingons from the many fleets in this area.  They held a Warbird Attack Run series of games that I took part in as well as participating in their version of Klingon Jeopardy that evening.  I must curse my own failure to follow through with my own logic for costing us the victory, it gave us one right answer but I failed to follow things out for the other two answers.

The next day many games were held.  I took the part of the Weapons Officer in an Klingon module for the  Artemis Space Battle simulation game and gloriously blew up the enemy vessel (and our own ship with it).  Next, and one of the reason I had been asked to be there, I ran Klingon Speed Dating for those couples wishes to discover if they possessed a burning love for each other.  Many Tribbles rocketed across the room that day.  Later that afternoon I acted as judge, along with two other fine warriors, for the Klingon Warrior 2018 competition.  Many fine warriors presented themselves but there could only be one.

Whoever planned the evening feast has a good Klingon heart; three different meats and only two veg-ta-bles.  Before feast I attended the annual Captain’s Call reception and salute to the Empire.  In the assembled hall everyone participated in the Oath of the Empire.  After Feast Gina-Marie Hammer and I were inducted into the Imperial Order of Kahless.  Later that evening the parties participating in the Scavenger Hunt presented their finds, brewers competed in the Synthahol contest, and some of us had to find the correct code to stop a warp-core breach in the Rura Penthe Escape Room.

The following day, everyone packed up their gear and returned to their respective assignments.  So I guess it’s back to work, I have a report to get out.

Personal Log: Jorn vestai-VamPyr 10.1.2017