KLIN-FIRE August update



     Hello, Kor?  Can you hear me?  Kor???

First off, Our comrade KORVAS of Fairfield CA’s IKV NOM HEGH got banged up in an accident. He’s healing, but he hurts. (Cracked/broken ribs will do that…) If you get a little time, send off a short note to Chris Mumma: cmumma@mac.com

Some ship news:

The IKV GUNGNIR of Omaha Nebraska has asked to join KLIN-FIRE, and I’ve welcomed them. (Important note: I don’t ask ships to join us…but I’ll certainly listen to any vessel that wants to be a part of our KAG fleet.) We’ll soon have the logo/banner for the IKV GUNGNIR, and that’ll get onto our fleet’s page on KAG.org, and shown off to all of you. Welcome these rascals: odwinn@hotmail.com

Mid-September, another Klingon ship will be joining our ranks: IKV RESTLESS STAR! K’TROK is relocating to Coeur d’Alene Idaho. It is my (evil?) intention to point every Klingon fan within a 100 mile radius towards the Star…and I have no doubt that K’Trok can utilize them well. Give him a welcome to KLIN-FIRE, ahead of time!!

Last week I asked you of KLIN-FIRE for suggestions/ideas regarding ARCHON, the convention in St Louis where next year many of your KAG and Klingon comrades will be gathering to celebrate our 25th Anniversary (October, 2014). I had a good phone conversation with the ARCHON leadership, and will no doubt have more!

The ideas of a KLINGON FEAST/KLINGON GATHERING went over well— I added the notion of holding this on Friday BEFORE the “Opening Ceremonies”, which as we’ve often seen are dry and dull. Meeting up, and then “crashing” said Ceremony, would liven things up considerably. I think even the ARCHON committee will like that a lot!

Thanks VAMPYR, and KY’DNA of the IKV KAHLESS RO’ in Las Vegas!
Another area of discussion was KAG/Klingon discounts. We did not talk of amounts–we talked of the process of applying them. So often, we either mail in checks, or go through a system that makes you wonder if you’re money and registration have gone through.

ARCHON is using a system called EVENTBRITE, which will quickly and Professionally handle the registration AND applicable discounts. What is important to keep in mind is that to qualify for the discount–when that gets figured out!–is that registrations go through the ARCHON/EVENTBRITE system. Proclaiming yourself a member of KAG will make the savings happen.

AT THE DOOR? Proclaiming membership then? Nah. Sorry.

There will be more to come regarding ARCHON. One of the initial questions about KAG and the convention was….HOW MANY? They had it in mind that a thousand would be there. I WISH!!! I gave a number of between 100 – 150. More would be better! If we can provide a Horde of Klingons, that’ll make the local/regional/National press that much more astounded!! I want our time in St Louis to be THE LARGEST GATHERING OF KLINGONS. EVER. I have absolutely no doubt that we WILL make that happen!

Now, Klingons, pull on your uniforms, get out and engage our “foes”; Wars are never won by ALL-KEYBOARD KLINGONS!!

KAG Founder/Thought-Admiral

KLIN-FIRE  Force Leader
CO, IKV DARK SUN, Los Angeles


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