KAG Invades RI comicon

HAIL WARRIORS!! My apologies for the delay in posting pictures of RICOMICON this past weekend. I have been running on auto pilot since last Thursday getting less than 4hrs of sleep a night. Thankfully I don’t have to work my second job today and have the weekend off to recover. RICOMICON was a blast I represented KAG with a great table display and had my Command Chair set up with a photo backdrop. I was a ToS classic Klingon on Friday, the Andorian Shran from Enterprise on Saturday and General Martok on Sunday. I was collecting donations for Hope Health Hospice and Pallatiave Care in memory of my Mom Doris Normandin. The total take for all 3 days was $2050.00 which was given to Hospice on Monday morning before heading home. So sit back and enjoy all my pictures of RICOMICON!!! Qapla’!!

I’d like to give thanks and recognition to the following people, who have inspired me and help me become the Klingon that I am. First off I would like to thank the late John S Halvorson for founding KAG and guiding me to the correct people to start my journey as Klingon. Next I would like to thank Christine Hoopengardner and Leila McMichael for accepting my membership and making me a member of the IKV Executioner. Next I would like to thank Don Gaffney for his guidance in acquiring the correct materials to make my uniforms and Garrett Derr Jr., Steve Mathis and Victoria Krueger for putting them together, Clint StLaurent for helping me with accessorizing my uniforms, Bill Hedrick, John Paladin and Fred Nurk for their great craftsmanship on my headpieces, Eugene Forbes for his amazing makeup skills and tutorials. And lastly Ron Hawk and Greg Reed for inspiring and helping me to build my Command Chair. I am proud and grateful to know everyone of you and to be a member of KAG!!! Qapla’!!!


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