AER: KAG General Assembly 2018 – Treklanta

I committed so many rule violations at Treklanta 2018.
Rule #1: Don’t try to organize something this large from over 6 hours away.
Rule #2: Don’t commit to providing 3 days of programming panels when you don’t know enough to the local people to carry it off.
Rule #3: Find out when you can get into and have to be out of a room before you arrive.
Rule #4: Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

I arrived the day before the convention at the Marriott, hoping to stage everything before beginning setup the following morning. I finally managed to get in around 1 PM and had everything I brought ready before the KAG BBQ dinner that evening. I would like to thank Leila McMichael, Darren Carter, and John Halvorson for bringing room decorations with them. It made the room very KAGgy, very bannerific!

Friday evening; Kris hosted a dinner at a local BBQ restaurant. This was for every member of KAG present before Opening Ceremonies and featured Steve the Targ. Kris passed out raffle tickets to all those in attendance for a series of prop prizes he would be handing out at THE FEDERATION SUCKS panel on Sunday. Later that night I talked about the KAG Podcast, Jack Bradley ran an immersive tlhIngan Hol class, Lieutenant Commander MoQ vestai-Kohless talked about making Klingon uniforms on a budget, and I ran a lapel pin creation workshop.

Saturday morning; LTCMR MoQ vestai-Kohless talked about building a Klingon persona, followed by the KAG General Assembly. There several promotions were given out, including Captain Kona-Nor sutai-DungyI’SIn being promoted to the rank of Commodore. Also a new ship was launched in the Atlanta area, the IKV Nemesis under the command of LTCMR MoQ vestai-Kohless. KAG founder, Kris passed out Red Noses for everyone and we went and had a group photo taken. Afterwards Jack Bradley came in and did another session of Klingon Hol 101, N’yar and Kavura K’cep taked about the exotic alien races of the Original Series and how they could be incorporated into KAG. Klingons again assembled in full uniform to talk about how each of theirs was built and the tricks they learned making them. I ran a trivia contest: Klingon Jeopardy, with chocolate being given for this entire audience participation event. Later that evening a spattering of room parties were held including a KAG party and a Romulan Tea Party.

The first thing Sunday morning Lieutenant T’aror vestai-Mo’Kai gave a presentation on the care and maintenance of headpieces and wigs. The rest of the day was devoted to WHY THE FEDERATION SUCKS and TOS Sunday, where KAG members were encouraged to wear their TOS uniforms for the day. Kris gave out several awards for KAG members who participated in various events, like the Reese’s challenge earlier in the month. And talked about the need to acknowledge the work people with some small, cheap memento of the event.

Well despite my violations of the rules mentioned above, I think everyone had a fun time. A lot of old KAG members got a chance to meet newer ones and actually have face-to-face discussions with them. I am hoping a whole lot of new activity will be sparked from this Year’s Treklanta. Qapla’

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