AER: IKV Lightning Strike at Treklanta 2018

Qapla’ After a grueling 15 hour trip in a shuttle, the two crewmembers of the newly recommissioned IKV Lightning Strike stepped out onto the pad in front of the Marriott Hotel in Atlanta GA. Saturday was spent viewing and assisting with panels in the KAG Assembly room and attending the KAG General Assembly. Congrats to Lieutenant Karrak Tai Magarr on his promotion. My ships Moral Officer and esteemed speaker of the words of Kahless was impressive as always. Saturday night was filled with much celebration, as we moved with swift determination from room party to room Party. Karrak was recognized by the captain of the USS Terminus and awarded a pin. We donned ToS animated uniforms for the Sunday. After proclaiming many times that the federation sucks, I was awarded the best ToS uniform award, as well as a cat in a washer machine pin from the thought admiral himself. We finishing off the day by buying a Klin-zha set, we packed back into the Shuttle for another 15 hour drive back to our patrol sector, satisfied with a fantastic event.

Commander Ka’Pak Sutai-T’Krul
CO, IKV Lightning Strike
Rome, NY
——-end transmission——