IKV Executioner Invades Marion Comic Con!

On April 2, 2022, the Executioner, flagship of Dark Star Quadrant, warped to the McDowell Municipal Event Center in Marion, NC to invade the Marion Comic Con. Con organizers were Sherry and Tim Deel who are great friends with the Klingon Assault Group.

Lt. Cmdr. Martok and Brigadier Keela arrived and quickly set up the display area, this time giving the Borg Queen greater access to the general public. Lt. Cmdr. Katkith (Andy Fairbank) was cloaked, but he assisted with assembling the Borg lights, providing security for the table, and taking down the KAG table after the event.

The centerpiece of the KAG display was once again the command chair, constructed by Martok. It drew many huMans wanting their picture made sitting in it. The end of the KAG table closest to the Borg Queen was allowed to be assimilated so that she would feel more comfortable. She also was photographed both alone and with unsuspecting huMans. The entire display area behind the KAG table was used fully for pageantry and display.

After armoring up, Martok and Keela set about raising funds for Kwanzaa Family Inn’s new roof, raising awareness for KAG and garnering steps for the Dark Moon Fleet Step Challenge. The efforts made by the IKV Executioner crew were very successful — a grand total of $800 was raised. Qapla’!!! A very special donation was made by the parents of the child who portrayed “Link” from Zelda. He won first place in the human larvae costume competition. Congratulations and Qapla’!

A pleasant surprise during the day was the appearance of Lt. Qo Pung tai-Qaw, aka Buddy Lewis, Sr. and his sons, Will and Buddy, Jr. Will was in a costume and makeup of his own designed. He looked very scary by huMan standards! The Fek’lhr would have been in love.

After the event, the crew dismantled the KAG area, loaded up their respective vessels and warped back to their home coordinates. A good time was had by all.

IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric, CO IKV Executioner, CO Dark Star Quadrant