I.K.S Tibruon STARFEST A.E.R. Stardate 04202018-0422018

STARFEST A.E.R. Stardate 04202018-0422018 (04.20.2018- 04.22.2018)
Commanding Officer log, Lt, Leraq. I.K.S Tibruon
I was honored once again to serve as Convention staff for both Starfest as well as the glorious KlingonFest, such as glorious weekend was had. Lord Vampyr once again lead his staff making the weekend one to remember to all guests. I was assigned as room security ad well as at the weapons check center. On Friday night I brought great honor to our house by once again hosting Klingon Karaoke.
Many of great house warriors and house allies assisted in making this mission a great success not to exclude any warriors I would like to recognize a few off the top of my head. First, despite his injuries, Quinn Brazze-Cannon was a big help to me when I myself was suffering from an impairment, his brother Hayden too also needs to be recognized for his great contributions. Thank you, Sajadiah Nico, for getting us organized and on task. I would all so like to recognize Lorelei as well as Sean Buchanan and any others I may have missed. Thank you all who helped us accomplish our assigned mission.
I would like to put out special thanks to D’nuoP(Peter Pound), Captain Dekard(Rick Chatwell) and of course Lord Vampyr for always looking out for me and my mate.
Here is to another great year of Klingon Fest.