Mistress KaSarr


Many Centuries ago, a young Klingon Warrioress named K’Shara of the mighty House Kuda, took a journey from the Homeworld on a mission of intrigue. She knew the trip would take a considerable amount of time and would take her far from her home. There were rumours on the outer rim of the Empire that spoke of several new races that were aligned and slowly making their way closer to Klingon Space. Her mission was a covert one, to gather as much intelligence about these new races and determine their threat, if any, to the Empire and the Emperor.

As she and her crew on board the IKV Emperor’s Thundarr made their way closer to this previously unexplored section of space, they encountered an anomoly that would forever alter the lives of all those on board. It would in the future be identified as the wormhole that is now protected by the Federation’s DS9.

It did not take long for Epetai K’Shara to ascertain that she, her ship, and crew were now in an alternative universe. In this universe, the Klingon Empire was larger and somewhat stronger than that of her own, but at the same time somewhat… backwards… in some of it’s traditions and codes of honour.

In this universe, a woman was not allowed to be an Epetai of a House. Nor was she allowed to hold title to lands. K’Shara was a shrewd young woman. Unable to find a way back to her own universe for herself and her charges, which was mostly comprised of members of her own house, she devised a plan that would allow her to keep her position in her own House and still serve the mighty Klingon Empire and the Emperor.

In K’Shara’s universe, the Empire was more advanced in technology, especially in matters concerning space travel. It was not an uneasy task for her to gather intelligence on the Empire from an undetectable distance. With this knowledge she was able to understand quickly the political atmosphere and to locate the private homestead of the Emperor.

Using her advanced technology, particularly her use of a transporter, she was able to infiltrate the home of the Emperor and get close to him. How close they actually became is a closely guarded secret and not shared with outsiders. Suffice to say that a deal was struck between K’Shara and the Emperor after he was made to understand the origins of the House Kuda and His advantage of an alliance with them.

K’Shara was allowed to continue the tradition of HER homeworld in the alternate universe and remain the Epetai of her House as would all her daughters in the generations to come. In exchange, the House Kuda pledged undying loyalty to this universe’s Emperor and all Emperors to come in future generations. K’Shara also had the gift of advanced technology to offer into service of this Empire, her family’s new home, that would ensure Kuda’s place of prominence in the service to the Emperor.

There was one catch though of course. Because in this universe, a woman could not be an epetai, K’Shara and her future daughters found it necessary to become Mistresses of Disguise. For public functions and appearances at council, it became necessary for K’Shara to disguise herself as a man, namely, her father, in order not to arouse suspicions.

And thus, the House of Kuda became one the Empire’s most closely guarded secrets. Members of the Kuda clan became, and remain, the most proficient of covert operatives to serve the Klingon Empire. Their unsurpassed skills of disguises have enabled them to serve the Homeworld for generations in ways that no others could. In fact, there is a rumour that is whispered in dark corners under blankets of secrecy. It is said that the explanation for the differences in the appearances of Klingons in Kirk’s day to those of Picard’s day, can be found, and traced back to the Mighty Kuda Clan.

Just a few years ago, a manuscript was pubished without the knowledge or consent of the present Epetai, one K’Tar Epetai Kuda. It was a journal that was written by K’Shara’s son Ving Kuda. The book was titled ‘ETHICS, SOPHISTRY AND THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE’. (not exactly light reading. Capt. Picard took a copy along with him on his vacation to Risa in ‘Captian’s Holiday’.)

It is said, the Lady KaSarr, House Mistress to the House Kuda, publicly laughs at the insinuations of the book and dismisses them as the fantasies of a young boy, an ancestor who had the gift of spinning a tale. It is also said that the servant who smuggled the manuscript out of the homelands of the Kuda clan and profitted from the publishing of the book, has disappeared, without a trace. Many rumours surround the disappearance. Did they take their profits and run like a Ferengi, or was there truth to the insinuations of the manuscript and the servants disappearance arranged in order to protect the House of Kuda. No one will say for sure, especially since Gowron himself ordered the authorities not to pursue the matter and proclaimed good ridance to the petak.

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