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Ja’Ragh Gro’marth
House Description:

The house of Gro’marth is one of great controversy. At the beginning of Earth’s 1900 Century the leader of the House, Hachr’land San’dirS, emigrated to earth and started a restaurant business, coating the native chickens with a Klingon spice mix. San’dirS took on his middle name as his last, due to its similarity in pronunciation to a common earth name. His restaurant chain became widely popular. So popular in fact, that Hachr’land had to quickly rebrand from Kronos (the earth spelling of his home planet) Fried Chicken, to using the U.S. state of Kentucky. Thanks to suppression and misinformation by the Federation, and the infamy of the House of Gro’marth in the Empire, San’dirS genius had been lost in history. But now, his noble descendants have risen up, to once again bring glory and honor to his house, and to his name!

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