House Ra’kuul

House Ra’kuul
House Type
House Founded
House Lord/Lady/Epetai/Leader
Murloch son of Torak
House Description

The acknowledged origin of the house was on Taganika but the acknowledged ceremonial location is now Qu'Rac.
Ra'kuul is a proud and noble old house and has been staunch ally to Houses Gowron and SepIch. Ra'kuul heavily supported Ch'gran's initiative following the Hur'q invasion but the subsequent disappearance of that fleet was a heavy financial blow to the house. When the remains of that fleet were discovered on Raknal V, House Ra'kuul was ready to go to war with the Cardassian Union, the event that became known as the Betreka Nebula Incident. This is appears to be the point when Ra'kuul adopted its militant anti-Cardassian stance. A stance that has been both beneficial and detrimental at various times. The alliance with the House of Gowron led to Ra'kuul having renewed sway with the High Council during the initial stages of Gowron's reign as Chancellor. Their power was as its apex when Gowron called for the invasion of Cardassia, many flocked to Ra'kuul's banner. There was even a strong possibility that Ra'kuul may have replaced House Mogh on the High Council following that houses' dismissal from the Council. Ra'kuul took lead in providing covert aide and training to the Maquis. After the revelation of General Martok having been replaced by a Founder, and it advocating for the invasion of Cardassia, Ra'kuul's motivations were called into question if they were really coming from a Klingon and not a Founder.

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