Heroes Con – A Three-Day Invasion by KAG!

After a break due to COVID, Heroes Con came back to Charlotte, NC for its 40th Anniversary on Friday, June 24 to Sunday June 26, and the Klingon Assault Group was there!

KAG’s Dark Star Quadrant ships, led by its flagship, the IKV Executioner, have been known for years to invade and raise funds for charity at the Heroes Cons, where HEROES are found both mythical and real-life (our generous donors and, of course, Shelton Drum and Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find crew). Historically, our main charity has always been Hospice of Catawba Valley (now called Carolina Caring) and since 2014, Kwanzaa Family Inn women’s shelter, thus creating a double fundraiser.

This year marked our twenty-second year raising funds for Carolina Caring and we brought the amount of money earned for them up to nearly $20,000 (we reached that amount at a subsequent convention, but that’s another AER).

A lot of planning and behind the scenes work went into this convention. Robert Plante, aka Lt. Cmdr. Martok vestai-lungqIj, the XO of Dark Star Quadrant and the Executioner, labored intensely on refurbishing the Borg Regeneration Chamber. The original chamber had to be scrapped due to wood damage from dampness. The original lightning light was broken by a terran racoon and a new one had to be purchased. We are still figuring out its polarity issues, but it sufficed. He made the chamber so it could be taken apart and re-bolted back together, but for Heroes Con, he left it intact and transported it in his large covered trailor, along with the Borg Queen statue, Klingon Command Chair he built, and all his background screen and other prop essentials that he brings to our KAG display.

The KPV Krimson Fury, a privateer vessel and the second most active ship in Dark Star Quadrant, out of the Kanappolis / Charlotte, NC area, pledged to help with bringing collectibles, setting up and manning this convention, and their acting CO and acting XO, Brian and Kitty Spruill, aka Lt. Dronoss tai and Lt. Krikala tai of House Hov che’, excelled in their commitment. Not only did they assist at every level of participation, including bringing con provisions, they also housed Martok during the weekend to facilitate his parking and overnight stay at the con. Qapla’!

Setup occurred on Friday from 4-8 pm. Martok and I drove our respective ground conveyances to the site and waited in a long line to be admitted underground to the access point. I got to the dock first and offloaded; Martok finally was able to pull in and we both unloaded his vehicle and trailer. Dronos and Krikala beamed down and assisted with the set up. Krikala and Martok had to leave at 7 pm, while Dronoss and I stayed to finish setting up, leaving at 8 pm.

FIRST DAY, Friday, June 24, 2022:

Attending: IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric, Lt. S’Risha tai and the Raging Marshmallow (aka Chrissy Gagliardi and Wallaby), Lt. Dronoss tai-Hov che’ and his mate Lt. Krikala tai-Hov che’ [S’Risha and Raging Marshmallow not pictured because they were invading the main floor for donations]

SECOND DAY, Saturday, June 25: 2022:

Attending: IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric holding Death Touch Squadron skull, Lt. Cmdr Martok vestai-lungqIj as Shran, Lt. S’Risha tai and the Raging Marshmallow in her KAG-commandeered shuttlecraft, Lt. Dronoss tai-Hov che’ and his mate Lt. Krikala tai-Hov che’, and IXL Lt. Taelaan vestai (aka Brian Holloway) as TOS Warrior.

On Saturday, the Warriors assembled for a Good Day to Dine at a local eatery called Fuel Pizza. All Warriors who stayed in uniform were granted an extra battle notch for their representation of KAG in a different venue (photo compilation by Krikala).

THIRD DAY, Sunday, June 26, 2022:

Attending: IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric as Vulcan mercenary, Lt. Cmdr. Martok vestai-lungqIj as General Martok, Lt. Dronoss tai-Hov che’ and his mate Lt. Krikala tai-Hov che’ as Bajoran mercenary

Time would fail me to detail all the glory and honor achieved by these Warriors in their efforts to raise funds for Carolina Caring and Kwanzaa Family Inn. Their consistent and heroic efforts netted $2,056.96 each for the two charities. All participating Warriors received a battle notch.

Shortly after the convention, the monies were converted to certified checks and presented to their respective recipients. Much honor and glory for the Klingon Assault Group was earned at Heroes Con!

IXL Keela zantai-Septaric, Dark Star Quadrant CO, IKV Executioner CO