Robert “J.P.” Butz (Captain JaPa sutai-Trekkan-Martok)

A warrior to Sto’Vo’Kor

Captain JaPa sutai-Trekkan-Martok

Deputy Commander, Cold Terror Fleet, KAG-U.S.A.

BORN: 7AUG1959 DesMoines, Iowa, U.S.A.
FINAL MUSTER: 10AUG2018 DesMoines, Iowa, U.S.A.
Honored son of Marion and Delores Butz (Honored Memory).
Honored brother of Craig Butz (Honored Memory).
Honored sibling of Marcie Brightwell and Richard Butz.
Honored uncle and Honored friend.
Alum of Tech High School, class of ’77.
Associates of Applied Sciences from DMACC.
Carrer accomplished by driving trucks, buses, cabs along with truck mechanics and iron polisher/finisher.
Glorious carrer in KAG as a friend, costumer and prop builder. Rose to rank of Captain and position of Deputy Fleet Commander of the Cold Terror Fleet, avid member of DesMoines Science Fiction Club
and practicing target shooter.

Cdr. qorDan vestai-QanaSon
IKV Batlh qa’/ Cold Terror Fleet
Curator-Hall of Honored Warriors

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