Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom monthly meeting and “Good Day To Dine.”

Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom hosted it’s “first ever,” official “Good Day To Dine,” and regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Saturday, January 20th, at our local Pizza Ranch restaurant. The restaurant was kind enough to allow us the use of their “community room” for the event, and as always, the staff goes out of their way to offer the best in customer service and attending to the needs of all. This facilty offers an excellent “all-you-can-eat” buffet of Pizza varieties, including dessert pizzas, as well as a non-pizza buffet that includes some of the best chicken we’ve ever eaten at a restaurant, and some of the best mashed potatoes ever found at a restaurant, as well as a really decent salad bar. For those traveling through our area, the address is 916 Gateway Drive, Baraboo, Wisconsin. It’s located right off the main highway, highway 12, between Madison Wisconsin and Wisconsin Dells, between the exit (South Boulevard exit) and the Walmart store.

Although turn out was a bit small, by comparison to some of these events around KAG, we were quite pleased with the attendance for the day. The entireity of our current crew roster was in attendance, including our CO, Imperial Marine Captain marSal vestai Kurkura, suited up in full Klingon regalia for the day. Unfortunately, our current crew roster only consists of two crew members, the CO and XO Sergeant Major skele. However, total attendance of this event was actually double that number, with the attendance of two wonderful, prospective recruits, recently moved ot our area, claiming to be “Really Big Star Trek Fans,” although, they actually appeared to be just normal size, by comparison. This couple found our recent media coverage on the local newspaper’s website, and felt this might be an excellent opportunity to meet new people of like interests.

Our potential recruits, having recently moved from northern Kentucky to southern Wisconsin, admitted to having never been active, organized fan club members, previously, but were very enthusiastic about membership in an organization like KAG. They were particularly enthused about the “First Rule of KAG – HAVE FUN.” They left their four sons, ages 6, 7, 11, and 17, at home for the day, but seemed to indicate that the boys share many of their ecclectic interests. So, there’s a good chance we may get this fine young gentlemen as membes, as well. Chuck and Not-Chuck (Stefanie) were so enthusiastic about joining the club and the chapter that they were openly talking about other folks they’ve encountered in this area who might be interested in joining such an organization. Yes, not yet officially members of KAG, they’re already working to recruit new members.

CO marSal had erected a modest display of KAG enticement, in the front of the “community room” complete with a somewhat crudly made chapter banner, a couple binders filled with holo-images from events the chapter has participated in, and general Klingon media photos, brochures about KAG and the chapter, business cards easily accessible, and some Klingon-ish imagery, as well as some materials about Klingon costuming, Klingon make-up, and Klingon Culture, so that any visitors might be able to get a brief idea of what we, the chapter, as well as KAG, are all about. CO marSal spent a great deal of the time talking with these new folks, getting to know them, helping them get to know us, and making them feel welcome. XO skele offered her share of comments, throughout the day, as well, helping to make these recruits feel at home among us. Offering her insights into KAG membership, and chapter participation.

All in all, a most successful day, with some very positive results. Assuming the best of the situation, that these new people will officially join KAG (they did say they would be back next month, for our second ever regularly scheduled monthly meeting and “Good Day To DIne”- at this same location), this will, at the very least, double our numbers on the local crew roster. We’ve made some new “old friends.” We are hoping Chuck and “Not-Chuck” feel the same.

We thanked the folks at Pizza Ranch for allowing us to use their facility, and for the marvelous chow they offered for us. The word is now spreading, and we are beginning to grow. Qapla’

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