Good Days to DINE!

Choosing a battle venue (attending a convention) is exciting and challenging for Klingon Assault Group Warriors. One must plot and plan with fellow Warriors, contact the event coordinator and arrange for space, decide what theme the appearance will be, decide if funds will be raised or not, choose and prep battle attire and, finally, decide if a FEAST upon a successful invasion is possible.

A Good Day to Dine is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your victory and relax with your fellow Warriors at a different venue while representing the Klingon Assault Group. I have been to many different restaurants in uniform (or costume if you prefer) after conventions and am no stranger to inquiries, photos and quizzical looks. It is also the opportunity to earn an additional battle notch while enjoying your Feast.

For example after the Charlotte Comicon in March, WNC Comic Con in May and the Hickory Comic Con in June, the IKV Executioner, flag ship of Dark Star Quadrant, and the KPV Krimson Fury, one of our most active ships, celebrated victorious fundraisers for Kwanzaa Family Inn by attending three different Oriental restaurants (Silverlake Ramen in Concord, Yao in Asheville, and NY Hibachi Buffet in Hickory).

The food from all these restaurants reminded us of the excellent cuisine found on Qo’nos, even if it was of Terran composition. It was a time to decompress after the stress of setting up the convention, running the KAG table, and tearing down and packing up everything. Those meals brought us closer together as KAG members and as friends.

So the next time you plot and plan a battle, be sure to include A Good Day to Dine in your strategy. The benefits are numerous and delicious! Qapla’!

IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric, CO Dark Star Quadrant