GOOD DAY TO DINE 02/29/2020

The Valiant crew of the suvwI’ ta’ reports a succesful invasion of the Joe’s Crab Shack in Fort Worth Texas. We where backed up by the crews of the USS Diamondback of Abaliene and the USS Sea Tiger of Fort worth, both from STARFLEET International fan group. All together there was 27 warriors from various ships in the area. The Federation klingons also members of KAG but inactive, are now aware of the active KAG ship in the area and will become more active in the KAG fleet. we discussed joint missions and invasions in the future. The suvwI’ ta’ will continue to grow and serve The Empire! We invite all Klingons in the DFW area to join the glorious battles and sing the songs of the crews success.

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