Ghost, Goblins and Klingons! IKV taj HeH AER

The IKV taj HeH arrived in McAlpine Florida to investigate rumors of supernatural activity. In attendance were 

C/O Kib’Tore
Warrior Kepjas
Warrior B’rel
Cadet Lance Corporal Kar’Zack 

Upon arrival it was clear to the crew that something was definitely amiss. The humans leaving the woods appeared shaken and gave us a wide berth as my crew advanced towards the entrance of the trail. Entering the woods screams and crying could be heard from humans deeper in the woods. We quickly scared off a few spirits with simple growls. Our crew faced its only real challenge at the “butcher shop” where we encountered “pigman”. We startled the entity as he was butchering a human female. I quickly dispatched the beast with my bat’leth, and helped send the human female to Sto’vo’kor, we will be sure to remember her to Kahless. After we defeated the supernatural beings the crew gathered for a holo image to remember our victory.

Inline image

Inline image

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