For Whom the Bell Tolls

Nov 26th 2021 (Black Friday) 5 members of the IKV Hegh qIj braved the 30 degree temps and 15 mph winds for two hours(4pm-6pm) to ring the bells for the Salvation Army. Quadrant Commander Kuruk Rustadzh, Co Lt Tin Suvwl, XO Lt K’voq, Warrior Maria, and Warrior Vaebn met with Lt. Donna of the Greensburg chapter of the Salvation Army and relived her of her post for two hours. In the those two hours they we was met with many holiday shoppers who gave donations explicitly due to crew members dressed as Klingons. Once said donation was given, Great Honor and Glory was wished upon their house this holiday season!

Later the crew retired to a local Chill’s to feast and warm up.


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