For the past four weeks the Dark Moon Fleet as been in a step challenge. Four quadrants challenged each other to the most steps. The Wild Frontier, The Dark Vengeance, The Dark Star and The Phoenix Rising quadrants.
There were two main objectives I had with this. Activity and Communication. All four quadrants were magnificent in both. It was decided to add one more category to win. The average step taken.
So without further ado…

The winner of the most steps in the  DMFStep2021 Challenge is

The Dark Star Quadrant!

Congratulations Dark Star!! You came together and stepped up and out.

The winner of the average amount of steps taken in the DMFStep2021 Challenge is

The Dark Vengeance Quadrant!

Congratulations Dark Vengeance !! I am especially proud of this quadrant’s effort to be counted! Well done!

Honestly, I am proud of every quadrant giving it’s all in a challenge like this. Lots of pride, communication and healthy competition.  All it takes is to try.

Wanted to join? Want a rematch? Next year we will do it again!

Captain chISwI' sutai-lungqIj

Dark Moon Fleet Commander

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