Q1.  Just how many ships are in the Demon Fleet?
A1.   Seventeen.
Q2. How many people per ship?
A2. Seventeen.
Q3.   So how many people does that make in the Demon Fleet?
A3.   Seventeen!
Q4.   That doesn’t make any sense! Whats with all the secrecy surrounding the Demon Fleet?
A4.   In the early days of the Demon Fleet, Epetai Kris wished, for reasons only he knows, to cloak the Fleet in secrecy, and instructed the first members to answer cryptically to all questions.
Q5.   Is the Demon Fleet a part of KAG?
A5.   Yes.  The Demon Fleet was created by the Epetai to be a new kind of fleet within KAG, one which operates outside the naval chain of command.  It is a Fleet of privateers and pirates, and was intended to be a return in spirit to the early days of KAG.
Q6.    Why do some Demon Fleet ships use initials to describe their ships other than the familiar IKV?
A6.      Some ships refer to themselves as KPV (Klingon Privateer Vessel), or MAV (Mercenary Attack Vessel), and others do not use any initials.  The Demon Fleet encourages creativity in all its ships.  Since one of the tenets of the Demon Fleet is that ships belong to their crews, they can designate them in whatever way pleases them.
Q7. Then why do some Demon Fleet vessels use IKV?
A7. Because they wish to!  We do not believe that a ship’s prefix is a burning issue in need of control.
Q8.  Is it true that Demon Fleet ships are forbidden to engage in charity events?
A8. Certainly not! The Demon Fleet was encouraged from its start to use its Klingon uniformed presence in a manner that gets publicity when assisting charities, as opposed to slaving away in civilian wear.
Q9. Is it true that there is no rank in the Demon Fleet?
A9. This is not true!  The Demon Fleet promotes from within using the same rank system familiar to the rest of KAG. However, there is a greater irreverence in the Demon Fleet towards rank… We do not consider it to be the ultimate measure of the person who wears it.
Q10. What about these ‘weird’ ranks I’ve heard about?
A10. You mean like General Nuisance, Frigidaire Kerla, and Ensign Outs?  Well, most members of the Demon Fleet do have a playful and lively sense of humor!  These same officers hold standard ranks as well as these playful monickers.
Q11. Why are the names of some Demon Fleeters so short?
A11. Some of us choose to refer to ourselves by first name and ship, as opposed to rank, first name, honorific, family name, position, ship, quadrant, and fleet.  We feel that it uses up less ink.
Q12. Is it true that no one in KAG can join the Demon Fleet without first getting permission?
A12. The Demon Fleet does not require anyone to get permission from anyone but the Demon Fleet to join the Demon Fleet.  But the Demon Fleet might not suit everyone, especially those who need a great deal of structure.  We do not have the chain of command that some find comforting.  Captains run their ships as they see fit, and they maintain their command by service to their members.
Q13. What is this “rule 13” I’ve heard about?
A13. That is a piece of wisdom handed down to us by the Epetai. It states that when given an “order” that is unworkable, or seems oppressive, or is clearly against the best interest of fun, the proper reply is “Nope, won’t do it.” Among our most cherished principles are self-ownership and the exercise of vital powers.  We sometimes play at taking orders from each other, but we believe it is important to remember that this is a game and that we are in it to have fun.
Q14. How can I get my hands on that DEMONIC PRESS I see all my friends reading?
A14. Steal it from your friends — It’s the only place you’ll see ’em in print!  However, if they’re bigger than you, you can wait to see them on the web at
Q15.  If I do order it, can I get it sent to me in a plain brown wrapper so that no one knows that I get it?
Q15. Sure, Larry!
Q16.  What about those Demonic Press EXTRAS?
A16. If you attend a Fan run Con and see anyone wearing a Demonic PRESS Pass, chances are good that an issue is coming out that weekend!  There is also a high risk that YOU WILL BE IN IT!
Q17. Is it true that the Demon Fleet is an undisciplined bunch of riffraff who threaten the stability of the empire by running amok, doing whatever they want to?
A17. Yes.  We are the embodiment of evil.  We are the most vile, disgusting, despicable, twisted bunch of riffraff the galaxy has ever seen.  We believe that most of us have the common sense to play happily without a rule for every occasion.  In the spirit of our creation, we support the original basic rules of KAG, which are:

  • Have Fun!
  • No Live Steel – The carrying unsecured, or brandishing,  of real  bladed weapons in public is a potential danger to curious children.
  • Make No Treaties – only the Epetai can do that.
  • Do Not Embarrass KAG – Don’t go shoplifting in your uniform.  Remember that your conduct when in uniform reflects not only on yourself, but on all of KAG.
  • The Thought Admiral makes the rules – so don’t go adding needless bureaucracy!