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You are located in the Territory of the Klin-Fire Fleet in the Klingon Assault Group Fleets in KAG's Navy, under the command of Marine Colonel Vam'Pyr sutai-VamPyr.

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Navy:   The Ships of the Empire.
Marines:   Military minded ground combat specialists.
Imperial Xeno Legion:   Non-Klingon Alien Mercenaries in service to the Empire.
Support Divisions These offer resources to aid in various aspects of Klingon life (check any that interest you)
QuarterMasters:   Creating uniforms, costumes, props and more.
Logistics:   Developing digital tools and resources for promoting KAG and recruitment, publishing MindScanner and more.
Culture:   Klingon customs, language, rituals and more.
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Privacy Notice: The information collected in this form will only ever be used by the Klingon Assault Group to support your membership in the club, it will never be traded, sold or given to any entity outside of the club. If you object to having any personal information stored by the Klingon Assault Group after your membership has been approved, either contact your ship CO or contact the Logistics CO.

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